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Senate Bill 719 Will Give California Taxpayers a Tool To Hold Government Accountable

Senator Bob Huff (R - Diamond Bar) announced today that his legislation to provide easy online access to comprehensive government expenditure information passed out of the Senate Committee on Governmental Organization.

Senate Bill 719 requires each state department and agency to publish a website that provides details on expenditures in a searchable format. Senator Huff hopes to provide flexibility to state departments and agencies, while offering a way for the public to access information on expenditures through a link on each department or agency's website.

"Transparency is an essential component of democracy and allows taxpayers to hold public officials accountable for their actions," Senator Bob Huff said. "More public scrutiny will help reduce impropriety in dealing with taxpayer dollars - be it perceived or real."

In 2007, five states (Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and to a more limited extent, Minnesota and Hawaii) passed legislation that mandates the creation of comprehensive websites for state expenditures. In addition, a number of states including Texas, Missouri, South Carolina, Alaska and Louisiana have taken executive action to provide taxpayers with an opportunity to access state expenditures.

Read the story... | Source: Senator Bob Huff's Site | Posted: 4/16/09

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