September 8, 2008By The Editor
4-0 vote approves endorsement; Klein objected in absentee statement

The Chino Valley Unified School District voted 4 - 0 to endorse Proposition 8, an amendment to the constitution of California to restore the definition of marriage to its original meaning of being between one man and one woman.

Board Member, William Klein, who was absent objected to the endorsement via a written statement and asked the other board members to delay the vote, but board members decided that it would be best to vote that night and unanimously endorsed Proposition 8.

California voters passed Proposition 22 in 2000 by more than 61%, saying that a marriage in California is between a man and a woman. But, earlier this year, four activist judges based in San Francisco wrongly overturned the people's vote, legalizing same-sex marriage.

The endorsement was brought to the school board by Board President, Michael Calta who cited research that suggested that children who are raised in homes by their birth parents do better in school. He told the audience and other board members that he had not been raised in a traditional family and that he had first hand experience to base his conclusions on; that it was not the ideal situation. He also pointed out that although some objectors feel that Proposition 8 is unrelated to school business, that it was and is an educational issue in alignment with the charter of the district to provide the best education possible to the children.

Several residents and parents spoke in favor of the endorsement and applauded the school board for their decision. Only a few objected.

The Editor -


I'm sorry, but I am extremely disappointed that 1) the school board went around Mr. Klein, and 2) actually believe that same-sex marriage will change a child's outcome. A good parent is a good parent, gay or straight. Its not like EVERY child in a married heterosexual family comes out "normal". There will be kids who are depressed for no reason at all, a few will go to drugs, and some will be gay/lesbian. If a kid wants to learn, they will, no matter the life at home. Some kids have the crappiest homes and are absolutely brilliant. Some will come from privaleged homes and have no motivation for school whatsoever and will flunk out. It all depends on the child, NOT whether or not the parents are a man and a woman or the same sex. What happened to the Chino Hills I once knew and loved? I see that my community has come against me and endorses something that will take away my right to marry the one I love because of the way I was born. :( Please, just vote no on proposition 8. If you support women's rights and the civil rights movement, why wouldn't you support the right for same-sex couples to get married?

Posted by chinsnquads on 10/24/08, 11:41 PM

I agree with the school district and applaud their endorsement. I also applaud Michael for bringing this forward in these times when issues like this can jeopardize the personal careers of those that choose to stand up for what they believe is right. I wonder if the term "birth parents" is mis-used in this context. Adopted children in the home of conventional marriages most likely do not reflect the same results of those adopted children in the home of same sex marriages. Choose your words carefully, please.

Posted by Marque on 10/21/08, 11:38 AM

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