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Pipeline was the scene of the accident

Richard Bohannan, 42, was killed April 14, 2009 in a Chino pedestrian accident while he and his 13-year-old son were getting mail from their mailbox, according to a news report. California Highway Patrol officials say Bohannan was walking on his driveway with his son when a driver lost control and veered into the driveway striking Bohannan. His son was not hit or injured. The driver fled the scene of the crash without stopping.

CHP officials are identifying the suspect's vehicle as a dark Honda or Acura-type vehicle. It could also be an import vehicle with a possible modified exhaust. Officials say the hit-and-run vehicle sustained severe front-end damage and was leaking fluids. The vehicle is also missing an amber front turn light. If you witnessed this fatal pedestrian accident or have more information, please call the California Highway Patrol at 909-980-3994.

Read the story... | Source: California Injury Blog | Posted: 4/17/09

Watch the Video... | Source: MyFoxLA | Posted: 4/17/09

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