February 27, 2011By Tom Kiss
Photo Coutesy of The Inland Insider
Photo Coutesy of The Inland Insider
La Habra advances to quarter finals.

Tom Kiss posted the following video and report at YouTube...

Mr. Kiss reported, "We continue with the winter sports coverage at Chino Hills High School with today's second round Division II matchup between the visiting La Habra Highlanders verses the home town Chino Hills Huskies.

Two years ago, these teams met. Chino Hills had won the league and were upset by the Highlanders in the second round. Although these are mostly new players, the coaches are the same and coach Shuler is sure to get these kids fired up.

The La Habra Highlanders Boys Soccer team went to Chino Hills and beat the Huskies 2-0 in a CIF Div 2 match. The Highlanders advanced to the Quarter Final round and improved their record to 15-3-8, while Chino Hills ended their season at 11-11-1.

Head Coach Kyle Shuler was disappointed but still proud of the boys anyway. He said they came to work each day and did their best.

Tom Kiss reports on sports in the Inland Empire for The Inland Insider. More of his stories and videos are available on YouTube.


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