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Wild Animal Warning

Chino Hills residents must be vigilant about maintaining the safety of their pets, according to Ben Montgomery, Neighborhood Services Manager.

"The Inland Valley Humane Society wildlife experts report that the high temperatures have dried up water sources in the open space areas and coyotes and other wildlife have been increasingly active in neighborhoods seeking food and water," said Mr. Montgomery.

Wildlife experts encourage residents to follow some important steps to protect their families and pets and make coyotes uncomfortable in the neighborhoods.

~ Supervise all children and small pets when playing outside

~ Keep all pets inside or in a secure area, especially at nightwhen coyotes are most active

~ Evaluate your property's rear and side yard fencing as potential coyote access points

~ Coyotes can jump six-foot fences - consider installing a "Coyote Roller" rotating aluminum tube on fences or a "Scarecrow Sprinkler" that releases pulsating sprays of water when it senses an animal

~ If you are being followed by a coyote or any other large type of wildlife, shout or make loud noises and try to scare them off

~ Carry a stick, bulb horn, or a coyote whistle (available at IVHS) while walking your dog to scare coyotes away

~ Do not turn your back and run from any wild animal - leave the area calmly, backing away, keeping an eye on them as you leave

~ Place ammonia-soaked rags in the yard

Report unusual wildlife behavior to the Inland Valley Humane Society (IVHS) by calling (909) 623-9777. Visit www.chinohills.org/Wildlife for more information.

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