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Share Your Chino Hills Experiences With Others

If you would like to share information, news, articles, or advice, we are providing the tools here for you to do so. You can apply for "Section Writing Privileges". As a "Approved Section Writer", you'll have access to your own section of where you'll be able to write on your own specialized topic.

There are champions all around Chino Hills, champions in business, champions in academics and sports, champions in government and politics, and champions in charity. We would like to offer you an opportunity to share your news, information, and ideas in one central location using easy to access and easy to use technology.

Are You An Ambassador For Your Group Or Organization? Does Your Organization Need A Voice?

Are you an active participant in the local Chamber or even the local Mom's Club ? Apply to write for your group! Once accepted, you'll be able to tell your members about upcoming events and schedules, tell the community about your group or organizations activities, or recognize your members in a community forum. Our tools will allow you to list your calendar, discuss ideas, share exciting news and spread the word about your group or organization.

Do You Coach Or Help Out With A Little League Or A School Sports Team? Share Your Team's Success!

Apply to write about your team. Once accepted, you'll be able to report regularly on your team's progress and recognize your players. List your sports scores, highlights, and schedules online as often as you wish. We want your news and we want to make it easy for you to report.

Are You An Expert In Some Speciality?

Apply to write about it on Chino Once accepted, you will be given access to your own news and advice section. Share your knowledge and in the process you will position yourself as an expert and an authority.

Have You Ever Dreamed Of Being A News Reporter? Make The Front Page!

What interests you within the community? Do you care about sports, business, politics, news, people, cars, real estate, whatever? Express yourself and gain reporting experience using the latest tools and online media. Report the local news! There are so many important events that never reach the community. Why not build your experience and help your community at the same time.

What Is Your Area Of Business Expertise?

Apply to write about the beauty trade or whatever business you specialize? If accepted you'll be able to write regularly on in a special section. Establish yourself as the community's expert in your area of trade. We are looking for experts on many topics and in many trades to share their news and views. There is no better way to establish yourself and your business than to write a regular column. Our tools make it easy and you can get started right away. If you don't see a section about your type of business or trade, please let us know by suggesting it. We are very interested in your ideas too.

Apply to become the Section Voice for whatever you need. If accepted, you will be able to use our tools to share news, pictures, opinions, schedules, and advice for your members and the community on

Rules & Guidelines

There are rules and guidelines to follow. Although we will allow business writers to list a signature and contact info, we won't allow blatant advertisements as editorial. We're looking for advertisers too. Writers must be G-Rated and follow our Editorial Guidelines & Terms.

On a regular basis our editorial team will pick out highlights from around the site and place them on the front page. But whether your news makes the front page or not, it will always be available to the public or to your group members.

From the Editor

“ is the fulfillment of a business and personal dream I've had for many years, to give people in Chino Hills an easy-to-find, easy-to-recall, forum and a place to interact with each other.

I believe in the power of people to effect positive change within their communities and beyond. But to create that change, it is necessary for people to have a place where communication happens, a place where the average person can find and share information. That is the goal of this web site.”

     - The Editor

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