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Manage Your Business Listing

To ensure the security of businesses in the directory, we must verify that you are the business owner of listings you would like to update. If you would like permission to manage your listing, first login and find it in the directory, then click the 'Edit Listing' link for that business. Within 48 hours we will contact your business to verify you have permission to edit. Once verified, login and manage your listings!

List your Chino or Chino Hills business in our directory for free. We also offer paid options to help promote your business even further.

Basic Listing • Free!

Manage your own Basic Listing information in the business directory, featuring:

  • Business Name & Address
  • Phone Number
  • Short Description (100 Characters)
  • Update your listing online anytime!
  • FREE Service for Registered Users
Example Basic Listing: Basic Listing Example

Featured Listing • $10.00/mo.  

Push your business near the top of search results with an Featured Listing, including:

  • Business Name & Address
  • Phone & Fax Number
  • Extended Description (250 Characters)
  • Upload a picture of your choice
  • Offer customers a Downloadable Coupon
  • Links to your website and an email address
  • Update your listing online anytime!
  • 2 Months FREE w/ 1 Year Subscription
Example Featured Listing: Featured Listing Example

Full Webpage • $30.00/mo.  

All aspects of the Featured Listing PLUS:

  • A search engine optimized webpage
  • Upload 10 pictures for display on your page
  • A full page of content, managed by you!
  • 2 Months FREE w/ 1 Year Subscription

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